About Me

The late afternoon sun pours Tapatío over everything. I look on. My environment informs not only my work,
but also my entire attitude. I refuse to be delicate with a surface.

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Humberto Howard

Bachelor of Fine Arts



Of Interest

Print Nov/Dec 98
Print Regional Design Annual 04, 02, 00
Communication Arts Interactive annual 8
Selected Wieden+Kennedys Seeking 08
Catalyst at Diavolo Dance Theater 2010
LACMA Muse Walk 2011
A Night in July at PØST 2011
Siempre es Hoy: A photo exhibit
of Musical Proportions 2012


Let’s Talk

You ask, do you believe in magic? Yes, but not exactly. To me, what I do is a form of modern day alchemy.
My brew is to take words, images and symbols. Ordinary stuff, right? But with the right touch, they become gold.
In this way, I am a conjurer. And I still don’t think my mama fully understands it.

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